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The classical term "Katharsis" is still used today and means "cleaning of the soul". By having complex feelings while experiencing different kinds of art the "air is cleared" - and first and foremost a persons feelings and emotions are meant. The feeling afterwards which seems to free us from all our worries is known by everyone who has just read a wonderful book for example or watched a great film or a fantastic performance in a theater.
Of course, the concept of "Katharsis" can be found in music, too. As well as our states of mind can be very different music is something which is also full of variety. Therefore we have chosen "Katharsis" as title of our new album which includes a wide range of "dunkelschön" sounds, too.


  1. Mandaliet
  2. Kristallen den Fina
  3. Askath, die weißen Raben
  4. Lacrima
  5. Mon Ami
  6. Deine Flammen
  7. Dein Gedenken
  8. Mion Mar
  9. Quiet Lands
  10. Haganusa
  11. Aeris


Katharsis Katharsis Katharsis Katharsis

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